Recent reports suggest that nearly 41 million U.S. workers will be fully remote in 2022. Let that incredibly massive number sink in for a little bit. Today I am going to discuss a few simple steps to land a remote job in 2022.

By The Numbers

Land a remote job in 2022!

41 MILLION U.S. WORKERS! Are you reading this from your cubicle at work and wondering how in the world you can grow that massive number and find remote work for yourself? 

I’ve got news for you, you can and you WILL. And Resume Assassin is here to help you make the dream a reality.

You may be relieved and excited to hear that many employers have decided to let their employees work remotely permanently. This is extremely motivating for many people around the U.S. because it means they are not limited by geography or the local job market. 

The question remains, how do you demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are the best remote applicant for the job?!

Let’s break it down. 

Demonstrate Value

As you are searching for a job, be sure it is the right fit for you and your family. Try to get to know the employer, your potential colleagues, and the culture. And of course, avoid scams if possible. (Researching the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission are great ways to identify scams).

  1. Search reputable websites and job boards that specialize in remote and flexible work, such as FlexJobs. You can also check out LinkedIn, Indeed, and CareerBuilder
  2. After you have found your perfect remote opportunity, it is critical that you create a powerful resume. These positions likely use an applicant tracking system (ATS) like any other employer, so take the time to tailor your resume! 
  3. This is simple enough, be sure to highlight your remote skills and experiences in your resume and/or cover letter. Have you worked with geographically dispersed co-workers across multiple time zones? Collaborated on a project? What technology have you used?
  4. Exemplify your skills in time management, self-motivation, technology, initiative, and communication. Highlight specific achievements relevant to these areas to demonstrate your unique value within the specific remote position.
  5. Get prepared for a virtual interview! A virtual interview is a wonderful way to show off your technical capabilities, your home office, and your captivating communication style. 

Searching for a remote job is unique, but similar to searching for any other job. It is critical that you have an achievement focused and ATS-friendly resume that will help you move past the ATS and into the hands of the hiring manager. 

Take Action

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And as always, Resume Assassin would love to partner with you to create a resume that will help enable you to implement simple steps to land a remote job in 2022.