Should job seekers be asking potential employers new and different interview questions thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic? The quick and easy answer is YES, they should.

Following quarantine, job satisfaction and career happiness have become more important than ever to job seekers. The topic of interviews and what interview follow-up questions are necessary in the COVID era comes up frequently in my conversations with clients, hiring managers, and expert career coaches.

The results? When you are given the chance to ask questions, it is important to focus them on exploring how critical it is to ask questions around COVID, their policies and their responses.

Do remember when interviewing that you should focus your questions around showing interest in the company and demonstrating your fit. It’s crucial to balance out questions that let you understand the landscape and culture, but you should also do your homework! You never want to be asking only questions that seem to directly serve your bottom line (like salary). Instead, your questions should be thoughtful and specific to the company and position.

Here are a few sample questions you could ask during your next interview:

  1. Could you describe a typical day in this position?
  2. What traits are you looking for in the ideal candidate for the position?
  3. What skills will be most important in this position?
  4. What do you expect from a new employee during the probationary period?
  5. What type of training can I expect in the first 30 days?
  6. Is this a new position? If not, was the person before me promoted?
  7. To whom would I be reporting?
  8. Are there any major changes coming internally that I should know about?
  9. Where do you see this division / company in the next five years?
  10. Why did you (the interviewer) select to work at this company?
  11. Is it possible that I might see a copy of the job description?
  12. Will it be possible to meet with any co-workers before starting the position?
  13. What type of attire is worn – do you wear uniforms? If so, will one be supplied or will I need to purchase it?
  14. What can I do to demonstrate to you that I can perform the job?

Good luck with your next interview and please let me know how Resume Assassin can equip you with the tools and resources you need to succeed in your job search.

Mary Southern, M.ED.

Founder at Resume Assassin