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Select a plan based on your experience level. After your plan has been selected, we will provide you with a personalized questionnaire to gather more information. We will be in contact throughout the entire process.

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We will get to work for you immediately. We understand how important your next career is and are dedicated to creating a resume that reveals why you are perfect for the job.

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We will deliver your final resume as a PDF and Word doc within 5-7 business days. We guarantee your satisfaction and offer free revisions for up to 1 week.

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All resume packages include a custom written resume, 12 cover letter templates ($100 value), 1 thank you template, and 1 references template. Select from the packages below, or schedule a 15 minute call with me.



Entry-Level Resume

For professionals with 0-4 years of experience.

Resume Assassin

Professional Resume



Mid-level Resume

For professionals with 5+ years of experience.

Resume Assassin

Management Resume



Leadership Resume

For professionals in or targeting management or director-level roles.

Resume Assassin

Director Resume



Executive Resume

For executives in or targeting VP or C-Level Positions.

Resume Assassin

Executive Resume



Cover Letter

Professionally written cover letter tailored to a specific position.

Resume Assassin

Cover Letter


LinkedIn Optimization

Branded, keyword-rich and SEO-optimized profile content for all LinkedIn sections.

Resume Assassin


Templates & Guides




12 Cover Letter Templates

Write your own cover letter using fill in the blank templates.

Resume Assassin

12 Cover Letter Templates



Interview Toolkit Bundle

Written resource guides designed to maximize your interview performance. Bundle includes:

– Interview prep toolkit
– Guide to creating an interview portfolio
– Powerful salary negotiation strategies
– Post interview strategies

Resume Assassin - Interview Toolkit Bundle

Interview Toolkit Bundle

About Us

Mary Southern | Founder & CEO

Mary Southern is an Expert Resume Writer with 12+ years of experience in resume writing, human resources, and career & academic advising. She has helped thousands of professionals across a variety of industries break into leading companies including Google, Amazon, Tesla, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, NASA , SpaceX, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, 3M, Dell, Pfizer, Goldman-Sachs, Johns Hopkins, and many more.

We are excited to help you take the next steps in your career.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Read more recommendations on Mary’s LinkedIn profile

Mary was a lifesaver putting together a killer resume for me. She was highly inquisitive asking the right kind of questions so that the end result was top notch. Mary was very thorough, quick and efficient!

– Michael K, Adjunct Instructor
I highly recommend Mary. She was able to help me decide what type of resume I needed and then quickly consolidate my vast work experience and produce a high quality executive resume. She is very patient and I’m very satisfied with her results.

– Charles V, Executive Leadership
Mary was very responsive and punctual with our appointments, and was able to provide me with a very professional CV in both a1 page and extended page edition. Fantastic work! Highly recommend!

– Vivek T, Technology Lead
Mary took my outdated resume and created a masterpiece. She highlighted my skills with key terms and the final product was amazing. I highly recommend using Resume Assassin and I will work with Mary again if I need any updates.

– Mark V, Location Demand Planner
My resume was long overdue for a revamp and Mary did such a fantastic job creating an impactful and concise picture of my sales background that allowed for me to better stand out amongst the crowd. I accepted a new position 2 months after she sent me my resume, so that has to count for something! Quick turnaround time and professional consultation. Highly recommend her for your resume needs!

-Jeff W, Ultrasound Account Executive
It was a great pleasure working with Mary. As I began to explore more targeted management roles, I felt my resume required more than the casual update. Mary’s experience, focus and attention to detail on what I was looking for more than paid off. I highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to advance their career.

Brian B, Director of Data Science
I hired Mary to revamp my resume and LinkedIn profile. Mary made this process very easy and exceeded my expectations! I was very impressed with every element of her process – from the way she collected information from me to the way she ensured my resume and my LinkedIn profile complimented one another. I highly recommend Mary to anyone who is looking for resume help! Thanks, Mary!

Tessa B, Business Owner
Mary did a great job updating my resume and cover letter. She was responsive, easy to work with and fast. The original information that I gave her was upgraded to sound more professional and included key words for computer searches. I recommended Mary to several friends.

Monica W, Territory Manager
Mary and her talent for writing came to my attention through a coach/writer I have worked with for the past 10 years. Mary’s response to all my inquiries was immediate, within 24 hours. Her turnaround time was faster than I expected it would be. The product I received was an updated, word-rich text that pulled my skills and experience from the shadows to be presented more professionally than I had created on my own. Mary is experienced in writing resumes for my profession so I wasn’t surprised her work was thorough and robust. There is nothing that concerns me about recommending Mary to anyone. The work and product was a great value for the cost and her approachability and professionalism was spot on.

Kelly R, Global Human Resources Executive
Contacted Mary following getting let go on a contract position. I was in need of a makeover to my resume to highlight my skills and narrow my job search to jobs most suited to my skills. Mary made the process simple from intake to payment to getting draft copy back. I’m happy to report that within two weeks I had several interviews and was selected for a job that I am happily at.

NIkenson P, Senior Business Analyst
Mary has been instrumental during my recent job search. Before working with Mary, my resume was barely getting any traction in the job market. Mary came in and did a complete remodel of my Resume and has now gotten me much more attention from companies. I have gotten multiple interviews ever since and am confident that I will land something very soon. Mary doesn’t just stop at rebuilding your resume. She provides tips on how to fix up your LinkedIn account and also score big in your interview. Definitely a 10/10 experience

Sukhjit B, Cybersecurity Analyst
After applying to countless jobs with my personally written resumes and hearing nothing back I began looking for a resume writer in Austin that could make some tweaks to my resume to get a data analyst role. I found Mary after seeing she had numerous 5 star reviews on several different review platforms and reached out for her first tier of resume writing services. After getting my rewrite back from Mary within a week I had requests for interviews, one of which lead a series of interviews for the non-profit where I was hired as a Senior Data Analyst which offered a 35% increase in compensation from my last role. Mary is professional, affordable, prompt, and excels at tweaking resumes to get better results from applicant tracking systems.

Jeff C, Senior Data Analyst
I had trouble showcasing and highlighting my relevant experience and skill set for my dream company. I reached out to Mary for guidance, and I’m delighted that I did. Mary was able to provide services uniquely tailored so that I could land my dream job. I received numerous accolades in regards to my resume and LinkedIn profile. I am happy to say that I am now a Cybersecurity Analyst II with Microsoft. None of this would have been possible without Mary’s assistance in marketing my achievements, skill set, and experience at a high level.

Chris C, Cybersecurity Analyst
My experience with Mary exceeded all expectations. We had multiple discussions about what I was looking for from her services and she quickly reviewed my resume and communicated to me what it needed. She provided me a timeline to complete and completed the resume update way ahead of schedule. My updated Resume now draws attention and provides a clear picture of my career. It is organized and form. After looking at Mary’s version and my version, her work was far superior and has already provided me more call backs and interviews. I highly recommend Mary and Resume Assassin.

Kyle C, Project Manager
Mary did an incredible, thoughtful, and quick job on my two resumes. I absolutely recommend her and would definitely go with her again. Her help got me interviews with many companies who were not responding before. A+++

Timothy D, Account Executive
I give Mary Southern my highest recommendation to be your Executive & Professional resume writer and LinkedIn profile optimizer. She will help charter your new direction for executive roles and opportunities. I have observed Mary run circles around her peers and provide amazing service that is fast and high quality. Mary is easily in the top 2% of people that I had the pleasure of working with in my 16+ years in the military and professional business side. She is sharply focused and her ability to coordinate and lead complex projects of significance is unparalleled. Mary possesses top notch professional communication skills and conveys material effectively in a clear and concise manner. Mary eagerly assumes additional responsibilities and is always striving for excellence. In the executive level world Mary is an outstanding writer and provider of technical expertise. Mary’s experience working in various environments will be an excellent attribute when applied to developing opportunities and additional efforts. Do not miss the opportunity to tap into Mary’s proven talent! Dan Barnhart, CEO America Grip LLC MAJOR US Army Austin, TX

Dan B, CEO
Mary is awesome. After years of working at the same company I was ready to explore new opportunities and take on new challenges, and updating my resume was the first major obstacle to that goal. Mary really helped me rewrite and refresh my stale old resume and get it ready for today’s job market. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to work with a resume writer of Mary’s experience, speed and professionalism. She not only helped me focus on the things that mattered most in describing my career experience and accomplishments, she helped me format it in a way that potential employers and managers could quickly absorb it and understand my unique qualifications at a glance — both on the page and on LinkedIn. Mary provided a framework that I could tweak, refine and ultimately personalize to communicate with employers and colleagues in my field. I can’t recommend her enough. Hire Mary if you want to change your life and advance your career. You’ll still need to do the work, you’ll still need to pass the interviews and be the best candidate for the job… but you’ll never miss an opportunity because your resume or LinkedIn profile wasn’t professional, clearly written or easy to understand.

Andrew H, Product Marketing Manager
My summary of my transaction with Mary is: SO EASY! I needed two resumes in 2019 and each one was created in a very quick and professional manner. I was a difficult customer! However, Mary delivered so graciously, so excellently! I was difficult because of four things. 1) I have 35 years of experience. 2) I am changing professions and rebranding. 3) I am a writer and picky. 4) I needed a very quick turnaround time. Each of these high hurdles were cleared by Mary with graciousness and A++++ service. Here’s how: 1) My 35 years of experience were showcased in such a way that any employer searching for a candidate with that title could see what he or she was looking for in about 45 seconds. 2) Mary highlighted the experience in such a way that it surprised even me (“Wow. You’re right. I did do all that!”). 3) The writing was immaculate; I was able to make a few little changes myself in keeping with AP Style. 4) The turnaround time was much faster than I anticipated. Both resumes garnered calls from the recruiting managers!

Jennie R, Technical Writer

Work Samples

Global Business Leader

Cybersecurity & Information Security Executive

Sales Executive

Chief Data Officer

Healthcare Executive

Chief Science Officer

Product Marketing Executive

Higher Education Executive

Communications Manager

Safety & Security Manager

Senior Project Manager

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