Recent studies project that there will be 3.5 MILLION Cybersecurity jobs available in 2025. Perhaps it is time for you to land a top paying cybersecurity job!

With the increased number of companies heavily relying on technology in their operations, the primary threat is loss of data to hacking. Apart from the financial implications, piracy can cost companies a lot of data, thus deterring activities and ruining a company’s reputation.

Since hacking methods get more sophisticated every year, companies are often in search of international information security experts and the pay is pretty darn good as well. 

As the number of people taking up cybersecurity careers can’t keep up with the demand, it might be a smart move to pursue a career in cybersecurity and fill the skill gap.

The most promising and high-paying cybersecurity careers include:

Penetration Testing ($80,000 to $130,000)

With many companies setting up security plans, the need for frequent testing for loops is paramount for testing the effectiveness of a cybersecurity plan. To protect the computer systems, the company uses the findings to take appropriate action thus fully protecting company data.

Information Security Analyst ($67,180)

A highly sought after skill in international information security is security analysis. An information security analyst is mandated with the task of protecting a company’s computer networks by noticing vulnerabilities and updating firewalls.

Between 2016 and 2026, this field was projected to get an improvement of 28% thus promising increased job positions. 

Bug Bounty Hunting ($60,000)

Among cybersecurity careers, ethical hacking is not only the most decorated but also the highest paying. With many companies looking to test their cybersecurity plans, hacker skills are required to get the glitches in a system.

A testament to the relevance of bounty hunters, the numbers of bug bounty hunters has rapidly increased from 2018 and is projected to go even higher.

Software Security Engineer ($104,791)

For planning, developing and implementing a software security strategy, companies need a software security engineer. Owing to the prowess, software security engineers can test systems and plan for checks and debugging.

Data Security Analyst ($90,000)

Among the skills that tackle a broad category, data security ranks top of the list. Since every company aims at protecting their data, the job opportunities are vast in cybersecurity careers. 

Having a projected growth of 18% between 2014 and 2024, the sector looks promising thus an ideal cybersecurity career to venture.

Senior security consultant ($106,357)

As the international information security niche continues to evolve, numerous positions arise and provide a good salary. The most lucrative title is that of senior security consultants.

These are individuals mandated with the task of finding loopholes in security and recommending changes to an organization. Also, senior security consultants help companies adopt industry security standards and user privacy policies in their operation methods.

Cloud Security Architect ($145,000)

Now more than ever, the usage of cloud services in the industry is at its highest. This ranks top on cybersecurity careers on network implementation and protection from prying eyes of hackers.

To avert security risks, cloud security architects are required to create complex security structures to achieve faster and safer communication. Among careers that are presented from cloud security include administrator roles and security consultancy.

How to Land the Job

Although the opportunities in international information are countless, landing a job may prove a tough task. To better your chances of landing an IT job, here are some crucial tips:

  1. Update your skills, education, technology, training, certification, and various other credentials to become as marketable and competitive as possible.
  2. Write a powerful and tailored resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to get you past the ATS and help you land the interview.

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