Tailor your resume to a specific job!

It is not rocket science that you must tailor your resume EVERY SINGLE TIME you apply to a new position. It is baffling to me that I still have so many conversations with people who do not tailor their resume to every position or they do not do it effectively. Today we will discuss how to tailor your resume to a specific job.

I wanted to take some time to break this concept down into incredibly easy and digestible steps. 

One question that I get asked almost every single day is “How do I write a tailored resume that stands out to the hiring manager?” 

First of all, this may not be the correct question that you should be asking yourself (but that is not necessarily the point today). I digress…

Here are a few points to consider and tips that you can apply to optimize your resume today.

Points to consider

  1. What is the position title and how does it align with your current and/or previous titles?
  2. What are the essential requirements and DO YOU MEET these requirements? 
    1. If the answer to this question is no, you may reconsider applying.
    1. On the flip side, I have written articles and posts on applying to positions in which you do not meet every single requirement…
  3. What are the preferred requirements? Do you meet these requirements?
  4. What are the education and/or certification requirements?
  5. What are the salient keywords and phrases within this job description?

Now that you have analyzed your target job description, be sure to research other industry-specific positions, do a little soul searching to uncover relevant achievements, and quantify those achievements to drive home the point.

These are a few simple key points that I address when I am writing a resume for a client. Now take a bit of time to digest points 1-5 above and start tailoring your resume for optimal results!

GOOD LUCK and happy tailoring!

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