If you have done any research on job searching and resume writing, then you probably know the answer to this question. Are keywords important in your resume? 

The short answer is YES. Not only are they important, they can actually make or break your job search. 

Am I being dramatic? I will let you be the judge! You can even check out Jobscan to learn a bit more about applicant tracking systems (ATS) and how keywords impact your job search.

Most of my clients understand the concept of keywords, but I am often asked a critical question. “How in the world do I know which keywords to use on my resume?” 

How do I find the right keywords?

The story you tell on your resume should align with your target position. This means you need to choose the right keywords to have a chance of getting beyond the ATS and in the hands of the hiring manager. But how do I know which keywords are the right ones?

One of the most effective ways to find the correct keywords is pretty simple: read (and re-read) the job description. Well, duh. When I read a job description there are certain keywords that tend to jump out. 

I have also used external tools such as www.salary.com or www.linkedin.com to analyze similar job descriptions and pinpoint a trend in keywords under a target job title. 

Where should I put these keywords in my resume?

After you have done thorough research, it is time to determine where you should place these oh-so-important keywords. I would encourage you to incorporate keywords in your title section, personal branding statement, and career summary. 

You should also weave in keywords throughout the body of your resume to strengthen your experience and align it even more with the target position. 

What if I don’t include keywords into my resume?

That is a huge mistake, and I will tell you why. If you decide to fire off one resume to a variety of positions and you don’t take the time to weave in keywords and modify the story you are telling, then you will have a very frustrating job search. You will likely get a lot of automated rejections and wonder why you are putting in the work (applying to 100’s of jobs), but not getting any responses. 

The bottom line is this – if you want to move past the first phase of the hiring process (the ATS), then the keywords in your resume are an absolute essential piece of the puzzle.

I am still stuck, HELP!

Resume Assassin is here for you if you think that you are incorporating the correct keywords, but you are not getting the feedback you deserve. Take a few moments to learn how to write an effective resume: https://www.resumeassassin.com/how-to-write-a-resume-that-will-get-you-a-job-in-2022/

Words and keywords in this instance are incredibly powerful tools. If you need more help, please reach out to me today mary@resumeassassin.com or check us out online at www.resumeassassin.com