I am going to lay out my secret sauce for writing resumes that will help you get more interviews and job offers than you ever thought possible. Are you intrigued? In this article I will break it down for you to learn how to write a resume that will get you a job in 2022 and beyond.

get a job in 2022
How to write a resume to land a job in 2022!

Let’s start with the basics, resume writing is a skill that takes time, practice, and extensive research. It took me 10+ years of practice (writing resumes for clients) to get where I am at today. This may not be the exact information you wanted to hear, but stay with me. 

Here are a few simple steps that you can take TODAY to help you win more interviews.

Learn how to Write a Resume in 2022:

Resume Writing – Step #1: THE FORMAT

Select a format that will help you get beyond applicant tracking systems (ATS). Let’s face it, this is a make or break decision when it comes to resume writing. 

Resume Writing – Step #2: RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH

Most people understand how incredibly important it is to gain expertise in industry-specific language, keywords, phrasing, education requirements, certifications, job titles, etc. Weaving these items into your resume are so incredibly impactful that it can make or break your job search.

Pro Tip: Start by doing some extensive search on LinkedIn.

Resume Writing – Step #3: SOUL SEARCHING

Take enough time to think about your career, your successes, and the outcome. Write a nice list of achievements, contributions, and insights. 

Employers want to know what you have done to go above and beyond, and how that translates to their company and the specific position you are targeting. 


As you write your resume, focus on turning your list of achievements into high-impact statements that showcase your unique value. Try leading with the result and key benefit to the employer before going into a bit more detail about the action itself.

Your daily duties are important, but your achievements are what help you shine and stand out.

Resume Writing – Step #5: YOU CAN DO IT

Remember to tailor your resume for EVERY single position. Firing off one resume to 100 job postings is very unlikely to yield great results. 

And always remember, Resume Assassin is here for you and more than happy to create a powerful resume that gets undeniable results. Please visit our website at www.resumeassassin.com or contact me at mary@resumeassassin.com.