It almost seems like a counterintuitive move to hire a resume writer. The person who knows your personality, work ethic, and employment history best is. . . well, yourself. 

Crafting a resume is a unique form of writing. It comes with its very own set of ever-changing rules. 

Unless you’re familiar with industry standards, it might be time to consider hiring a professional.

Here are 7 other reasons you should hire a resume writer:

1. You Don’t Have Time

You’ve already spent a lot of time searching for the next step in your career path. 

Now you have thousands of online articles to wade through to figure out what’s the best format, which font will work, how to make it past the Applicant Tracking System, etc., etc., etc. 

It can become very overwhelming. Plus, the information you come across can be contradictory. 

Professional resume writers are up to date on industry standards. They know how to tease out the perfect keywords from the job you want. They’ve even got appropriate margins, font sizes for various sections, and formatting recommendations memorized. Do you know what margins to use on a resume? 

Better let your writer take care of it so it’s off your already over-filled plate. 

2. U Don’t Rite So Good

Writing does not come naturally to everyone. 

Some people will specifically AVOID careers that involve writing. Others shirk away from number jobs. 

That is perfectly okay. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

A resume writer chose their career path because they love writing! There is a lot of creativity that goes into crafting exceptional content for your resume. 

When you wrote your resume as a sales executive, maybe you wrote:

Supervised a team to exceed sales goals.

The resume writer you decide to hire might change that to say:

Led team to overachieve sales goals and crushed personal goals by optimizing the sales cycles while managing forecasting, planning, and pipeline development.

3. You’ve Gotten Stuck. . . in 1985

There has been a long battle going on since 1964. This battle is fighting for an end to workplace discrimination. When you think of workplace discrimination, racism and sexism are likely the first two ideas that come to mind. 

I’m here to tell you there is also ageism. (and many more, but ageism for all intents and purposes here).

It’s important to be conscientious of the dates you reveal on your resume. 

It is very easy to identify an older worker when they’ve included 25 years of work history instead of the other candidate who capped their experience at 10 years. 

The professional resume writing service you’ve been considering knows how to craft your document to highlight your experience without yelling “THIS HAPPENED 20 YEARS AGO. IN 2002!” 

4. Now You’re Stuck in 2010

When was the last time you updated your resume? Does it start with: 

Objective: To work as a Chief Financial Officer for Resume Assassin.

Yikes. That’s outdated. 

A good resume writer will stay up to date with resume best practices, formats that parse well, and will be able to give it a professional aesthetic. A black and white list won’t help you stand out anymore. It’s all about presentation.

5. You’ve Job Hopped, Have Gaps, or Climbed the Ladder

 What do you do if you held 5 positions in the past 2 years? How do you show that on your resume without looking like you won’t be a long-term employee? 

Or what if something happened out of your control, such as having to care for an ailing parent, taking you out of the workforce for 9 months?  

Sometimes it’s as simple as trying to figure out how to best convey the multiple roles you’ve held within one company. 

There are a whole host of ways to address potential resume issues, each unique to the person and situation. The writer that is reworking your resume will be skilled in navigating the complications that arise. 

6.  No One Has Called You for an Interview

You’ve rewritten your resume at least 3 times now and still, NO ONE WILL CALL YOU FOR AN INTERVIEW! 

It’s infuriating. 

You are highly qualified for the positions you are going after. You’re positive you’ve created the perfect document to market yourself. What are you missing?

Remember that resume writer I’ve been telling you about this whole article? 

They can help you figure out what the problem(s) could be! You could also read this article for insight. 

7.  You Don’t Like to Brag

A resume is all about showing how amazing you are! 

It is a hard job for those who don’t enjoy talking about themselves. Or for people who aren’t confident in their abilities. 

Resume Assassin helped a woman who had left the medical field to raise children. This stay-at-home parent wasn’t sure her career skills would be employable anymore. 

I persisted in our interview process to discover the current skills she utilizes, exercised some creative writing, and tailored her resume toward the position she had picked out.

Within one week, she’d scheduled her first interview in 5 years.

There are a lot of things in life that are better left to the professionals. 

Resumes have become one of them!  

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