You’ve been in the same role with your current company for a few years and updating your resume isn’t even a blip on your radar. Why keep your resume updated when you’re not actively in job search mode? Here’s the scenario that made me change my stance on maintaining an updated resume and five reasons why you should resolve to do the same …

“Get your resume to me fast.” my networking contact at That Corp. said right before clicking off. 

I sat there with phone in hand trying to come up with a plan. It had been years since I had to write my own resume. Now, the role I’d dreamed of having was within my grasp and I was absolutely unprepared.

When it comes to landing your dream job, time is precious. Many of my clients learn this the hard way.

Many of you may believe that you only need to update your resume when you are actively looking for a job. I am here to tell you, do NOT miss an opportunity because you are simply unprepared.

5 more reasons to update your resume sooner rather than later

* Networking events often lead to discussions of upcoming opportunities.
* Economic uncertainties/downturns frequently trigger layoff.
* Maintaining a blueprint of your career helps you set and stay on track with your professional goals.
* Reflecting on and sharing key achievements is empowering and boosts your confidence … especially during your annual review.
* Passively looking for a new opportunity and voila! you come across a ‘right fit’ posting with a rapidly approaching deadline.

Great opportunities can and do appear on short notice and you can easily miss a tight deadline. No matter the role, having a strong, persuasive resume that highlights your qualifications and supports your candidacy always at the ready is a smart move! 

The resume writing resolution you need to make right now is … creating a working draft of your resume and then spending a few minutes each month reviewing + updating the draft copy so you are better prepared to respond to an unexpected opportunity or event.

Your resume is a living breathing roadmap that helps you proactively drive your career path forward.

On the first Sunday of every month, open your draft copy and add real-time information, so when you are ready to formalize your document, all of your key information will be on hand and all you will need to do is polish the language + formatting.

* Record your latest achievements. Look for areas where your work has made an impact. Have you …

– Increased revenue, sales, or profit margins for the company?
– Met budgetary goals or project deadlines?
– Saved time or money?
– Identified or solved problems?
– Introduced new processes or procedures?

* List New Training + Certifications. Write down any new training completed, seminars or workshops you attended that show you are committed to professional development.

* Add Awards / Recognition: Include the name of the award and when you received it. Make sure you mention international, national, and internal company awards and accolades you’ve received for your efforts.

* Track Challenges You’ve Faced, Actions You Took, and the Results You’ve Delivered: Taking this extra step will help provide context to your achievements.

– Challenge: Declining Sales
– Action: Created Marketing Campaign Focused on New Product Launches; Secured Partnership with ABC Corp.
– Results: North American Sales Gains of 24% in Q1

When it is time to formalize your resume, you have the information you need to craft a compelling bullet point.

* Captured sales gains of 24% (Q1, 2019), reversing North American declining sales trend via creation of innovative marketing campaign wholly focused on new product launches and resulting in long-term partnership with ABC Corp.

Your resume is a record of your career history + accomplishments and can help you set goals and determine where you want to go next in your career.

By resolving to review + update your resume on the first Sunday of every month, you will ALWAYS be prepared when an interesting opportunity presents itself or the unexpected happens.

If you don’t want to take the time each month, set a reminder on your calendar for a yearly assessment in September.

I challenge you to mindfully update your resume in 2022 and moving forward. Trust me, you will reap the benefits for a lifetime. And remember, Resume Assassin is always here to help.