Proactive networking is the best way to find your next job and absolutely vital to career growth. Many job seekers are absolutely terrified of stepping outside of their comfort zone and participating in networking events, but it is such a great way to build valuable relationships. Today I am going to uncover a few places to network in Austin.

First, let’s discuss a few major advantages of networking. 

Where to Network in Austin.
  1. Building Mutually Beneficial Connections – Approach networking as a collaborative approach to help others grow. In return, they will be more eager to help you grow and succeed.
  2. Gain Perspective – Exchange information, experiences, ideas, and goals to gain diverse insights and perspective.
  3. Leverage LinkedIn – We all know that LinkedIn is the #1  ( professional social networking platform on the market. Enhance your visibility by attending online events, starting conversations, following company pages, and contributing insight to industry-specific posts.
  4. Expand Your Network – Expanding your network will open the door to new opportunities for business, career advancements, growth, and knowledge. Many jobs never make it to the job board, so figure out how to gain access to those hidden opportunities. 
  5. Build Confidence – Stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new people builds invaluable social skills and self-confidence. It can also allow you to build long-term relationships that will provide opportunities now and long into the future.

Networking Opportunities in Austin

Networking Austin

Austin Virtual Workers

Austin Women in Technology

Austin Job Seekers Network 

Career Networking Group 

LaunchPad Job Club 

Austin Tech Happy Hour 

Capital Factory 

Network After Work

TechRanch Austin Campfire 


Action Design ATX

Women Who Code

Startup Grind

Creative Mornings


Austin Tech Alliance

Real Estate Council of Austin

Ellevate Austin

There are so many exciting places to network in Austin. Check out a few of the groups above to get started on your adventure. 

Don’t forget to bring your resume, business card, and elevator pitch. And remember, Resume Assassin is here to help!