Here at Resume Assassin, we write SEO-optimized LinkedIn Profiles. What does that mean? It means your profile will rank higher when recruiters are searching for someone like you in your chosen profession. 

If you have some of these gaps, you are only shorting yourself in your personal and professional brand. 

I wanted to give you some tips today on ways you can create a strong LinkedIn profile and maybe fill in some of the things you might be missing.

A Profile Photo

Okay. I can understand the myriad of reasons why you might not want your face plastered all over the internet. 

It has been proven, though, that you will get 26x more views if you have a profile picture.

Make it a professional, welcoming, friendly, and warm picture. No frowns. No crossed arms. 

This isn’t a driver’s license photo. 

Your profile photo is the first impression you are making to many prospective employers and clients. 

A Summary Section

A well-written summary section can make or break you. For those who might be aware, this is the “About” section you can add. It gives you 2,600 characters vs the 220 you’re limited to in your headline. 

When you craft your summary, write to your potential customer or employer. Outline what you do, what problems you solve, and what solutions you provide.

Make use of all the characters you have in this section. Do not sell yourself short in words or self-promotion.

A Headline That Is More Than a Job Title

There is no rule that says you must list your current job title as your headline. 

Use this space to create a quick sales pitch of yourself.

You’re not just a Senior Project Manager. You are a dynamic, analytical leader managing multi-million-dollar project initiatives. 


The best way to get endorsements is to give an endorsement to others. 

Also, don’t be shy! Reach out to ask for an endorsement. Remember to be polite in your request and pinpoint which skills you’d like them to highlight.

Following Relevant Influencers

When you follow influencers that are relevant to your goals, your feed will be filled with interesting content. 

From there, you can share with others and add value to your own content.

Sharing content and following others gives you a personality on LinkedIn too, giving you a leg up on your competition because others will get a feel for who you are and what you’re about. 

Publishing Original Content and Start a Conversation

Engagement on LinkedIn is important. From following leaders in your industry to sharing posts from companies you admire. 

But why not start your own conversation instead of piggybacking off others? 

Not only will your own content help you engage, but it will also give you insights into your clients you might not otherwise receive. This will help you to be the best in your game because you know exactly what is needed of you and how you can deliver.

Let’s work together to perfect your resume and then create an attention grabbing LinkedIn profile to help you uncover new opportunities.

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