This is a burning question in 2024, and one that I get asked on the daily. How can I land a remote job? The people have asked, and today is your lucky day because I am going to use a bit of storytelling to break it all down.

This is a tale of remote work, and today we are going to uncover a few essential steps that brave job seekers take every single day to conquer the remote job market.

Remote Job Search

Our story begins with Alice, a client who was so fed up with her current work environment that she decided it was time to find a remote position. Alice was dissatisfied with her current role because she wasn’t feeling challenged, the culture was truly toxic, she was feeling a bit disconnected (from everything), and her work-life balance was awful. In fact, she was leaving right when her kids were waking up in the morning and returning home long after they had gone to bed. This is truly no way to live.

Digital Presence

With her trusty resume as her guide (thanks Resume Assassin), she embarked on the first step: optimizing her digital presence. She realized that she had never really spent any time on LinkedIn. In fact, she had been at the same company for more than 15 years, so she really had never had the need for a competitive resume or LinkedIn profile. She quickly found that LinkedIn was going to be her best ally.

LinkedIn is highly effective for finding new job opportunities because it offers a huge network of professionals and recruiters, and even further it is a platform that encourages building mutually beneficial connections. Additionally, she quickly found that its job search feature provides tailored recommendations based on her own unique profile and preferences. She took several courses and of course, worked with us here at Resume Assassin to optimize her profile to truly expand her expertise and reach.

Remote Job Boards

As Alice continued on further into her job search, she stumbled upon several remote job boards and websites that were focused specifically on remote work. How cool! This certainly didn’t exist 15+ years ago, but she was glad that they exist in the market today. Job boards such as FlexJobs,, and even LinkedIn unveiled a treasure trove of remote job listings tailored to her desires. With each application, Alice hoped to catch the eye of remote employers seeking her unique talents.

Yet, Alice knew that true power lay in forging alliances on LinkedIn. In fact, she quickly found that just job searching on LinkedIn was not going to be enough. Through the magic of online networking, she joined remote work communities and engaged in conversations with like-minded people. This opened up so many cool opportunities for her, and it really helped her connect on another level as she shared tales of her experiences and gained invaluable insights into the ways of remote work.

Find A Mentor

During this adventure for remote work, Alice also told me about an amazing mentor that she picked up along the way. Here is what she told me: “Johnny (her mentor) helped me find remote work opportunities that I never would have uncovered on my own. He also gave me valuable insights into industry trends, and shared personal experiences and strategies for securing remote positions.”

Alice quickly realized that she was going to have to grow some thick skin along the way, despite the amazing progress that she had already made. A virtual job search can be brutal as she was facing rejection after rejection in the beginning. However, she truly stayed proactive, asked for feedback, and maintained a positive mindset. This allowed her to be resilient, constantly adapting and refining her approach.

Virtual Job Fairs

As the winds of fate carried her onward, Alice stumbled on a few cool looking Virtual Job Fairs. During this experience, she met with representatives from remote-friendly companies and built real relationships that eventually did turn into new opportunities for her.

It took Alice almost 4 months to land that perfect-fit position, but she met a ton of great people and learned so much along the way. The morale of the story? If you are searching for remote work, then you need to be a little bit proactive and resilient. Brush up your resume and online presence, pick up a new mentor, ask for feedback, attend virtual events, and try not to take rejection personally.

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