Financial pressures occasionally dictate how patient you can be during your job search. In some instances, you may need a “survival” job to bridge the gap while you pursue more ideal opportunities.

Here are some recommendations:

Affiliate Programssurvival

Sign up as an affiliate for a favorite product and promote it on your blog or with your network. 

Call Centers

Explore local call centers, such as phone-based customer support or 800# operators. These tend to pay twice as much as minimum wage and are open 24/7, enabling evening/overnight shifts that allow you to continue your job search and interviewing during the day.


Craigslist offers some interesting opportunities, including occasional local opportunities at small businesses that may not be available elsewhere.


Crowdfunding sites, such as, allow you to raise donations for personal or business projects. Explore the possibility of crowdfunding your job search.

Freelance Work

Create profiles on freelance sites, such as,, and This can help you keep your skills up-to-date and provide experience for your resume.


Apply for positions online, if necessary, but visit retail outlets in person to let them know you’ve applied. Build a relationship with the manager by letting him/her know your interests and motivations. Persistently follow up.

Approach small, “Mom & Pop” operations that are directly responsible for hiring, as opposed to corporate HR.

Starbucks offers healthcare insurance if you work a minimum number of hours weekly.


Telemarketing jobs tend to be easier to find because the turnover is very high.

Temporary Positions

Contact staffing agencies for temporary opportunities. These opportunities may also lead to full-time employment.