Most people think “TGIF” when they hear the word Friday. If you are dreaming about the weekend already, then perhaps it is time to re-frame your mindset. I have come up with a few tips that will effectively boost your productivity AND make your day go by quicker.

Rise and Shine!

Wake up early and workout or eat a healthy breakfast. You already know that exercise can improve your overall health, but did you realize that it could make you more productive as well? Other potential side affects of exercise: happiness, intelligence, and abundant energy.

Re-Prioritize Your Schedule. productivity

What do you do as soon as you get to work in the morning? Check your email, study your calendar, and get on Facebook? Consider what you can manipulate in your morning routine to increase your productivity throughout the day.

This may mean avoiding email altogether as soon as you arrive at work. I have found my motivation and productivity skyrocket if I start working on a project right away instead of letting myself get distracted by other tasks.

Another technique that could be beneficial is clearing your schedule of meetings or appointments on Friday so you can focus on high priority projects.

Find Your Zen.

When are you the most productive during the day and why do you think that may be? I am the most productive when I have absolutely no distractions. One trick that I use is putting headphones into my ears, but not playing any music. This helps me concentrate and your co-workers will be less likely to distract you.


Organize your schedule for the following week and you will see your productivity soar! Personal organization is something that most of us could improve upon in our daily lives. Here are some ideas to increase workday efficiency:

  • Your Office. Find a home for all of your supplies and paperwork so you can locate them easily when the need arises.
  • Label. If you have a lot of paperwork, consider using a labeling system so you can track items down even quicker.
  • Schedule your Time. There is no better feeling than taking charge of your own schedule. This will also give you a feeling of control over your day-to-day tasks and motivate you to achieve more.
  • Take Notes. Always carry a notepad with you and have one near your desk. You can write down important notes and thoughts you had during your last meeting or telephone call.

Now that you know some of the basics, watch your productivity levels skyrocket on Friday!

Mary Southern, M.Ed