6 Strategies to Get Ahead of the Competition

The end of 2022 is approaching a little too fast for comfort. We’re already in November. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and according to the year-round countdown at my doctor’s office, there are only a handful of days until Christmas.  

Do you have any last-minute must-do items on your list before the year is over? If getting a promotion on there?

If you are looking to move onward and upward, keep reading!

Think We, Not Me

Have you ever been in a relationship where it’s ‘me versus them’ and not ‘us versus the problem’? I can tell you now the relationship won’t last if you’re constantly pitted against each other.

While you may really, REALLY want to be the one to get the job, that doesn’t mean you should act in a way you might regret later. 

Show the people considering you that you will build up others and continue to create a collaborative culture if you were to get promoted. 

Otherwise, it might look like being promoted will give you a power trip and make everyone miserable.

Take Pressure Off the Boss

Pay attention to what your boss stresses about the most. Once you’ve found a thing or two you could take off their plate without burning yourself out, ask them for the responsibility. 

Or, even better, take on their duties the next time they are out of office. 

This will show the business you are serious about the promotion, can handle the position, and are invested in the bigger picture.

Get Noticed (in a good way)

Don’t sit around hoping someone will notice your exemplary work. Speak up to stand out. 

Maybe don’t walk around with a megaphone describing your awesomeness.

But it is a good idea to outline ways in which you’ve contributed at your year-end review. 

It also wouldn’t hurt to casually mention something you have done in the workplace that you are proud of. People will be drawn to your enthusiasm about your topic and likely won’t notice you’re bragging a little.

We all deserve to pat ourselves on the back every now and again.

Bring in the Money

Every single company has a bottom line. 

No matter your position, you are capable of making an impact on that line. If you can create and initiate a strategy that either saves the company money or brings in new revenue, you’ll become recognizably invaluable.

Communicate Clear Expectations

Ask your boss and HR what they are looking for in their ideal candidate for the position that would mean a promotion for you.

Also, take a moment to set a meeting with your boss to outline goals you want to achieve within a set timeframe. Then ask about the best way to smash those goals. Tell them, “I want to exceed your expectations.”

Then become that person and do those things. 

Cut Your Losses

Know that a promotion doesn’t have to be with your current employer. It can be a step up into more responsibilities at a new company.

If you’ve done all you can and still aren’t going to get the promotion, that’s okay. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you. Actually, it likely has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Assuming you have busted tail being an exceptional employee, the promotion might go to someone else just based on connections with the boss and/or HR. 

DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, give an ultimatum at any stage of the promotion process. Do not say, “I’ve got this company waiting for my decision. Have you decided on your hire?” I can’t stress this enough. NO ULTIMATUMS. You will lose the promotion before you even finish your sentence.

At the end of the day, if you get passed by, it’s okay to cut your losses and head out.

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