Do you hate writing a cover letter? You’re not alone. Recruiters rarely read them anyway, right? Wrong. The cover letter is not dead. CareerBuilder recently did a survey showing almost half of all hiring managers will read your letter. As the applicant, you likely won’t know on which side of that line you’ll fall. 

There are 3 reasons why you need to be writing a cover letter:

How to write an effective cover letter.
  1. The position explicitly requires you to submit one.
  2. Someone referred you to the position and you mention them in the letter.
  3. Your cover letter could make the difference between you and another equally qualified candidate.

The only reason to not include a cover letter is if your target job description specifically states they do not want one. In which case, you’re off the hook.

Since you’re reading this article, you likely need a cover letter for the position you’ve decided to apply for. Here at Resume Assassin, we’ve made it very easy for you to create a professional, succinct, and outstanding cover letter from your choice of 12 templates. Even better, these templates are included with the purchase of every resume package.

It is very intimidating to start with a blank page. Choosing a template is a perfect place to start. Let’s break down a standard cover letter template so it’ll be perfect for you and the job you want.  


The first thing the recruiter should see is your name. It is bolded, centered, and has the largest text size of the entire letter. The rest of your contact information needs to be centered as well, followed by a page divider. This format is a deviation from a standard letter form, where your information is left aligned.


Frank Applied

1234 SW 18th St.

Austin, TX, 78723



Frank Applied

Austin, TX  512-xxx-xxxx


The next portion of the cover letter is the date and recipient’s contact information. This should reflect when you are sending the letter, not when it was written. With most cover letters being sent electronically now, it is okay to take off the date. This is because when you submit your documents, they will be electronically dated and time stamped.

There are plenty of resources to locate who to address the letter. A great place to start finding your contact person is the job description itself. If it’s not listed there, then scour your target company’s website. On their website, you will often find a name of a top-level employee. Using the name(s) you found will guide your LinkedIn search.

What if you tried your best and still was unable to locate a contact? Then it is acceptable to use:

  1. Hiring Manager
  2. Recruitment Team
  3. {Job Title} for example, HR Director

After identifying your point of contact, then include their company details. 


April 21st, 2022

Sally Doe

Company Hire Me

12345 NE Jones St.

Austin, TX, 78723


April 21st, 2022

Sally Doe, CEO

Company Hire Me

12345 NE Jones, St.

Austin, TX, 78723


The salutation is easy once you’ve taken the time to properly address your cover letter. Simply use the name you found! Do NOT, under any circumstances, begin your letter with “To Whom It May Concern.” This phrase is dead. Also, avoid using “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, “Ms”, or “Mx.”. Those titles may be construed as outdated. Instead, stick with “Dear Sally Doe,” or “Dear Hiring Manager,”.


 The opening paragraph of your cover letter is arguably the most important section. In most cases, the recruiter will have reviewed your resume first. This means they already have an idea of what you will bring to their company. Your letter provides you the opportunity to show who you are through soft skills versus what you’ve quantifiably accomplished.

The number one rule of your opening paragraph is: DO NOT COPY AND PASTE from a nice-sounding online template. The hiring manager will recognize the wording and you will no longer stand out.  

Start this section by highlighting the experience or education best aligned with your target job description. Study the examples provided. If you were a recruiter, who would you rather hire?


I’m writing to apply for the Sales Account Manager position at ABC Company. I found your listing on and think I’d be a great addition to your team. I’m certain my professional experience aligns with the responsibilities you’ve outlined in your job advertisement.


As a seasoned account executive with eLearning platforms, I strategize, hunt for, and close legacy business partnerships. My work is as much about developing long-term relationships as it is about generating bottom-line profit. I achieve mutual goals quickly and according to exceptional standards.  I am now looking to bring my talent and record of success as a Sales Account Manager to ABC Company.


The second paragraph is perfect for a 3 to 4-point bullet list of your skills relevant to your target job. The goal of this section is to show a short overview of your credentials, expertise, and experience to grab the hiring manager’s attention. Parse this information from your resume, removing any quantifying results as those have already been demonstrated. 

For example, in your resume you might have written:

Demonstrated strong, influential selling skills by actively listening to prospects to understand their needs and goals resulting in a 90% conversion rate.

In your cover letter, it would read as such:

Produced and converted leads into lasting relationships by actively listening to potential clients to understand their needs and goals.   

Now, let’s see how this compares to a standard cover letter format versus Resume Assassin’s gold standards.


My experience closing new businesses is exceptional. I can communicate well verbally and electronically. I have strong knowledge of Microsoft Office and various sales databases. My experience makes me uniquely qualified for this position.


Some key highlights of my experience include:

  • Innovative means of generating appointments including impeccable record-keeping and follow-up to develop long-term business partnerships
  • Leverage education in Salesforce, performing strategies demonstrating strong selling and influential skills
  • Collaborate with dynamic teams to discover new opportunities to build growth for the company


This portion of your cover letter will show you’ve done your research on the company and have pinpointed a problem you will solve for them with your skillset. Here is your opportunity to showcase how your capabilities will make a difference for them. In short, give your target employer a reason to call you for an interview. 


I would make a great fit for your company because I have many years of experience in sales and account management. I will be able to help push your company forward by bringing on multiple new business opportunities. As a new team member, I will be able to adapt to current policies and make solid recommendations for new workflow ideas. 


I am a highly motivated, sales-driven professional who has a proven track record in delivering new, high-profile accounts and I am confident I could be a valuable addition to your team. As well, my ability to lead and focus on details along with my commendable communication skills project me as qualified to excel in the Sales Account Manager position.


The final paragraph will be your call to action. You are directly stating your expectations for a follow-up. Furthermore, it is imperative you thank the recruiter for taking the time to read your information. 

Close your letter in a traditional business letter format. Use words like, “Sincerely,” “Respectfully,” or “Best regards,”.


I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further about this opportunity. Hopefully, an interview can be arranged. Feel free to contact me at 555-555-5555 or

Thank you,

Frank Applied


Thank you for your time and consideration. I am excited for an opportunity to speak with you to further discuss how I could contribute to ABC Company.


Frank Applied

Resume Assassin Gets Results!

I’ve created 12 templates available here allowing simple input of your personal information while avoiding the copy and paste look. You will receive all 12 letters. Carefully look through each to determine which one would best fit your qualifications and target position. 

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