Tech sales can be an incredibly exciting career path with uncapped potential to make A LOT of money. I have worked with numerous clients who have either made a lifetime career in tech sales or are trying to break in. Today we are going to discuss how to get a job in tech sales. 

What is Tech Sales?

How to get a job in tech sales

The number of tech sales opportunities and the demand for exceptional tech sales professionals has grown exponentially over the years. In a nutshell, tech sales professionals excel at building relationships, uncovering opportunities, and recommending technology solutions that drive clients’ business growth and success.  

Tech sales professionals have also shown the immense value they bring to powerhouse companies. As a result, many experts have predicted that there will be a lot of opportunities for tech sales professionals in the future. 

There is so much earning potential in tech sales, you may not even need to have a degree to earn a six-figure salary (link this article from my blog). 

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Write a Tech Sales Resume

You need a resume that aligns with the hiring process, especially if you are trying to break into a global technology company. This means it must be friendly to the applicant tracking system (ATS) and you must align your background with the requirements of the position.

Simple, right? 

If you are trying to break into your first tech sales role, then you need to identify your transferrable skills. Do you have general sales experience? Technical expertise? Relationship building? Marketing? Project Management? You get the picture. 

If you have substantial experience in tech sales, but you are trying to change employers then you still need an ATS-friendly resume. If you are applying through LinkedIn or through the company website, then your super impressive numbers may not be enough. You must optimize your resume for the ATS first, then ensure your outstanding numbers and achievements capture the attention of the reader.

Your tech sales resume is a critical step because it can make or break your job search.

The Job Search Process

After you update your resume, you should be well on your way to initiate a successful job search. Start researching specific companies and open positions. 

There are several ways to pursue an open position including applying through the company website, LinkedIn, or reaching out to a recruiter. Start leveraging your connections on LinkedIn to identify opportunities. Follow the company page, connect with potential colleagues or supervisors, and engage in conversations.

Prepare for the Interview

When you successfully land your first few interviews, you need to be prepared to crush the interview. You have made it this far, so now is not the time to lose momentum!

You should learn as much as you can about your potential new employer. When were they founded? What are their products? Do they have any recent announcements/news? What differentiates them from their competition?

Gather as much information as you can about your target company’s sales process. Who are their customers? What tools does this company use? Consider how you could prospect and grow the account based on the company’s target industry, market, and customers.

Remember, you will be delivering the unique value proposition to sell their products, so show them why you would be a valuable member of the sales team.

Your Tech Sales Journey

Whether you have 25 years of experience in tech sales or you are trying to land your first job in the space, you will need to become an expert in the company’s products and technology. It is always important to convey your willingness to learn and grow with the company. 

Companies are constantly evolving and changing, so show them that you are someone who is open to new ideas and willing to adapt. Now, go out there and crush your tech sales job search!

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