I have reviewed thousands of resumes over the last 10 years and I have found a few small (but extremely detrimental) mistakes. You should understand that hiring managers and recruiters typically base their first impression of you on your resume, so do not forget to read (and re-read) your resume several times.

Consider this: does the job you are applying to yield several qualified candidates? If so, your resume may be tossed to the side with the smallest mistake. Below are seven costly mistakes many people make on their resumes.

Your Resume is a Mess

It is okay to be lazy when you are sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon watching football. It is not okay to be lazy when you are writing your resume! Your resume should be free from typos, outdated and irrelevant information, and unprofessional fonts.

Long Summaries

Your executive summary is an important piece of your resume puzzle. Focus on writing a short, concise summary that is tailored to your target position. Consider adding a few strategically highlighted achievements or perhaps a tagline outlining your relevant experience.

Little White Lies

I shouldn’t need to say anything here, but be careful as you add in keywords to beat those dreaded ATS. If you list a skill on your resume, then you should be prepared to discuss it during an interview.

Reason for Leaving Your Last Job

You should never say anything bad about your previous employer, even if it wasn’t a great experience for you. Your potential employer wants to know how you will add value, they probably don’t care why you decided to leave your previous job.

Passive Language

You should avoid it altogether. Avoid starting your sentence with “responsible for…” or “assisted with…” Instead, showcase your achievements and duties that were impactful and beneficial. 

That is too Obvious

Eliminate clutter and do not include information that is already obvious to the reader. Keep your resume concise, targeted, and tailored.

References Available Upon Request

This ties into the above (obviously). Every spot on your resume is precious real estate, so use this space to add a personal touch.

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Mary Southern, M.Ed.

Founder at Resume Assassin