Working from home might be one of the best things on the planet. . . for some. It definitely isn’t for everyone. And, stay-at-home parents, it’s not as easy as it might seem to work and raise kids at the same time. So, before you deep dive into this post, make sure you are the type of person who would thrive working from home.

While there are a lot of free quizzes online you could take to determine if you are a good telecommuter, you’ll be best served by doing some soul-searching. Once you’ve decided you would like to work remotely, keep reading! (If you went the other direction, still keep reading because I’ve listed some great companies that might have home bases near you!)

What is a Remote Job?

A remote job, simply put, is work performed outside of a traditional office and from home. (For the purposes of this post anyway.)

You aren’t physically in the same space as your coworkers and are often using a home office and a computer to do the bulk of your work. 

But, there are some different levels to working remotely.

  1. Some companies do require to work in a specific, state, region, time zone, etc. 
  2. Hybrid is also still pretty prevalent, where people are expected to work from the office a couple to few times a week.
  3. 100% is becoming more and more of an option, even as we settle into post-pandemic life. 
  4. The best kind of remote work, in my opinion, is the asynchronous type. This is where you get to work whenever you want and aren’t tied to specific hours. 

Finding Remote Jobs

It really is as simple as heading over to Indeed and filtering your search to say ‘yes’ under the remote category. But even then, you’re going to get ‘Remote in: specific state’. While this may be frustrating, you can start your search in your state anyway and go remote from there. 

Otherwise, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best sites (other than the usuals like Indeed and Google) for searching for remote jobs:

1.   Pyjama Jobs

A job board dedicated to remote jobs only! Okay, while most of these on the list can boast this, this one has vetted jobs, so you won’t find any scams here.

2.   FlexJobs

This board hosts a lot of the giants like Apple, Dell, and Pearson and lists over 24,000 jobs. This might seem overwhelming, but they’ve got a very user-friendly search. One downside is this site costs money to use but offers plenty of subscription options to fit your job search needs.

3. is a partner site to FlexJobs. It is free to use and has a ton of resources about working remotely too. 

4.   Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent connects job seekers with start-ups, software companies, e-commerce businesses, and more all looking for 100% remote talent. They do list the headquarters of each place but don’t let that worry you, usually they just want you in the same time zone. 

5.   AngelList

Have you dreamed of working for a start-up? This is the perfect place to find one. While there is no fee, you will have to make a profile that serves as your resume. That being said, make sure you fill out the profile completely so you have the best chance at finding the perfect fit. 

Who is Hiring Right Now?

I take absolutely no credit for this next part.

Catherine Hiles, at The Penny Hoarder, spent a remarkable amount of time vetting tons of positions and crafted a list of 44 work-from-home companies hiring now and consistently. Make sure to head to her post as she did an excellent job finding, vetting, and describing so many open positions! 

She put a ton of effort into this and is known to frequently update this list. Hiles includes some of the majors like Amazon, with direct links to their work-from-home section, to little-known gems such as Stride K12.

Tips to Getting a Remote Job

  1. Double-check that remote work is for you.

I cannot stress this point enough. It might seem like the best idea ever, but it can be very hard to put everything that needs to get done around the house out of your mind when working from home. I recommend, at minimum, having a dedicated working space that is free of clutter to help keep you focused when the dishes in the sink start pestering you.

  • Decide which kind of remote work you want.

Do you want a full-time, 100% remote position? Are you looking more for gig or contract work? Does hybrid sound ideal, so you get SOME time with other human beings? There is more to consider other than working in your pajamas. (Another don’t, in my opinion. Get dressed for work, or you’ll find yourself procrastinating!)

  • Browse first, apply later.

Take some time browsing positions that are remote. You might find you don’t possess the appropriate skills needed to work from home. If you aren’t very computer literate, telecommuting might not be the best option for you.

  • Tailor your resume.

You found the right position!  Now get your resume dusted off and tailored to the position you are targeting. We at Resume Assassin can help with that!

  • Prepare for the virtual interview.

Take a look at our resource here that helps prepare you for a virtual interview. It’s not too terribly different from an in-person interview, but you might be surprised at the different kinds of virtual interviews available.

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