“I used to apply to 5 jobs and I would land 5 interviews and 4 job offers, what happened!?” Believe it or not, I hear this statement multiple times each week. The hard truth is that hiring practices have changed dramatically over the years. If you are not evolving with these changes, then you are going to be left in the dust. Today we will discuss a few easy steps to get hired faster.

A few easy steps to get hired faster

There are many simple tips and tricks that you can use to get hired faster, but today I am focusing primarily on connecting with hiring managers to expedite the process.  

A few easy steps to get hired faster!

I have been a hiring manager and so have many of my clients. One of the biggest challenges for hiring managers is the utterly insane volume of applicants and the disheartening lack of quality candidates. If you are a qualified candidate, then you may have thought about connecting directly with the hiring manager to boost your chances of getting noticed. That is a great idea, but how do you connect with the hiring manager without seeming desperate or pushy?

Reach out to the hiring manager

Many clients ask if it is actually ok to reach out to the hiring manager? Absolutely, it is perfectly fine to reach out and/or connect with a hiring manager. In fact, they are actively searching for candidates just like you, so I bet they will be delighted to connect.

There is a high likelihood that this hiring manager receives a high volume of emails every single day, so be sure to reach out by the preferred method of contact. If the job posting says “do not call,” then I would advise against giving the hiring manager a phone call. 

Ok, what next? How should I connect with the hiring manager?

The majority of my clients connect with hiring managers through email or LinkedIn.


You can likely find the hiring manager’s email address on the job posting, LinkedIn, or company website. You may even try using Cultivated Culture to find the hiring managers email address if it is a difficult one to track down.

Send a brief email about your interest in the role and be sure to include your resume. This should go without saying, but your resume should be highly tailored to the target position. Be patient! You may not hear back right away, and it may take a couple more follow up emails to prompt a response. 

Although persistence can be a great attribute, you should determine when it may be time to pursue other methods for getting an interview.


Let’s lay down a little bit of truth, LinkedIn is probably the best resource for you to connect with the hiring manager. You may even find a common connection – like or comment on their posts, connect with current employees, and follow or engage with company posts.

Many times the job posting will be linked to the hiring manager making it easy to identify and connect. Other times you may have to do a bit of research on the company page to identify the hiring manager.

I found the hiring manager! Now what?

I recommend adding a personal note when you send a connection request. You may also consider following them so you can see their updates and posts on your feed. Consider engaging and commenting on their posts before you reach out about your interest in the role and their company.

BONUS: Consider connecting with 2-4 people at your target company which could be the recruiter, hiring manager, your future potential boss, and future potential coworkers.  

Connecting for success

Building and cultivating relationships is a great way to start opening doors to opportunities at your target positions. It may take time and persistence, but it is certainly worth the effort.

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