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Getting Started

Select a plan based on your experience level. After your plan has been selected, we will ask you to submit your resume and provide you with a personalized questionnaire to gather more information. We will be in contact throughout the entire process to help us understand you, and your goals, a bit better.

Creative Execution

We will get to work for you immediately. We understand how important your next career is and we are dedicated to creating a resume that reveals why you are perfect for the job.

Final Delivery

We will deliver your final resume as a PDF and Word doc within 3-5 business days. We guarantee your satisfaction and offer free revisions for up to 1 week.

Why Us

Maybe your resume isn’t attracting the attention that it should or you simply don’t have the time to update your old resume. Perhaps you feel like you are falling victim to being underemployed, getting skipped over for promotions or you are ready for a career change. We are excited to create a resume that prominently portrays why you should be hired and attracts the attention you deserve.


Choose Your Plan

We are dedicated to helping you find your next job. All packages include: keyword analysis, delivery within 3-5 business days, and one week of free revisions.


Professional Resume - $299

For professionals with 0-7 years of work experience.

Resume Assassin


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Mid-Level Resume - $349

For professionals with 8+ years of work experience. 

Resume Assassin


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Management Resume $399

For professionals in management roles.

Resume Assassin

Mid-Level Resume

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Executive Resume - $449

For professionals seeking executive director or above.

Resume Assassin - Senior-Level Resume

Senior-Level Resume

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LinkedIn Profile - $249

Branded, keyword-rich and SEO-optimized profile content for all LinkedIn sections.

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Cover Letter - $100

Professionally written cover letter tailored to a specific position.

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Cover Letter

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12 Cover Letter Templates- $65

Write your own cover letter using fill in the blank templates.

Resume Assassin

12 Cover Letter Templates

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About Us

Mary Southern | Founder & CEO

Mary Southern is an Expert Resume Writer with a proven ability to create customized resumes that get results. She has worked with professionals in a wide range of industries and is excited to help you land your next job.

She also holds a Master’s in Education and has 10+ years of experience in resume writing, recruiting, corporate training, and career & academic advising. She has examined countless resumes throughout her personal career and knows exactly what it takes to stand out to employers.

If you have ANY questions about your resume, cover letter, interview, or job search, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to give advice and guidance.


What our customers have to say

Working with Mary was a phenomenal experience. She helped me understand how to market the skills I already had in a fashion that is attractive to hiring managers. On numerous occasions, I had managers tell me how well laid out my resume was and how the important details caught their eye immediately. Even more impressive was the LinkedIn edit that she did for me. It made me understand how LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to extend your resume in a personable yet professional manner. Fast yet thorough, I truly feel she played a very important role in my job search.
Dhruv P

Mechanical Engineer, Columbus, OH

Working with Mary has been fantastic! I had been attempting to break into a different industry, but my resume wasn’t getting any traction. Looking over my attempts, I realized that maybe my resume wasn’t working to my benefit and that it could use some work. However, the thought of tackling that particular task was to say the least, daunting. I needed help. So I called Mary. And what a great idea it turned out to be!

Mary has helped opened many doors for me. She updated and reformatted my resume making it a cleaner and more modern version that fit the new industry. Mary’s work helped open the door for me into a career changing internship. And I am very grateful to her for this (I will absolutely be back).  I highly recommend using Resume Assassin for any resume work you may need.

Dorah M

Technology Consultant, Austin, TX

Considering my resume and experience was a bit challenging to work with, Mary did a fabulous job of revamping my resume to pull out all the highlights and keywords that hopefully will make me stand out during my job search.  I really loved the formatting style that she used and the wording that she chose for each section of my work history.  I chose the professional package and that came with some free tools to assist me in the job hunting process.  Mary was quick, efficient and very patient with me.  I would definitely recommend her!
Christy F

Marketing / Communications Writer, Nashville, TN

Working with the team at Resume Assassin was just the help I needed when I came to update my resume. Not only was I amazed at the final product, but the team was great when it came to prompt communication and service.
Edwin S

Director of Sales, New York City

The Resume Assassin took my outdated resume and created one that highlighted my skills with key terms used by employment application software. My resume reflects my professionalism and The Resume Assassin’s services have proven to be effective, as I have since been hired at a large hospital in Atlanta.
Jade H

Public Policy / Government, Atlanta, GA

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Empowering industrious women and men to illustrate their unique strengths and obtain satisfying work.